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The importance of sterilizing the bottle

The importance of sterilizing the bottle

In the first months of a newborn's life, the immune system is not yet mature, and the baby is not able to protect himself from germs and bacteria on his own, bottle hygiene is essential for the health of the baby, it is necessary to sterilize the bottle after l use since microbes are not easily eliminated
How to sterilize the bottle?
Before sterilizing the bottle, it must be washed thoroughly, there are different methods to sterilize the bottle, there is hot sterilization and cold sterilization, the first takes 20 minutes, and the procedure is as follows: you have to put the bottle and the teat in a pot full of water and let it boil. The second instead involves the use of disinfectants, specially created for the safety of the little one.
How to sterilize the baby bottle in the microwave?
In addition to the classic method of letting the bottle boil, or the use of specific disinfectants, you can sterilize the bottle in the microwave with special containers, with the following procedure: you must always wash the teat and bottle carefully, put everything in the appropriate container and insert everything in the appliance for about two minutes. Care should be taken when using the glass bottle, as it is much more delicate and can easily break. At the end of the sterilization it is not necessary to touch it with your hands, but with special pliers, preferably wait until it has cooled down.
What is the difference between bottle sterilization and washing?
For the first 6 months, according to the pediatrician, it is advisable to sterilize the bottle, simple washing is not enough because milk is a food where microbes develop easily and the baby is not able to defend himself from bacteria by himself, washing the bottle is removed only the milk, not the microbes, it is therefore necessary to sterilize the bottle to eliminate all microbes and bacteria.

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